what we do for you!

We carefully select and collaborate with leading professionals who want the everlasting impression of a beautiful book to display their unique business, attract media opportunities and elevate their brand.  We offer a no risk marketing strategy with proven value that delivers over many years - the longevity of a hardback book is one of our most valuable offerings.  Our books are dรฉcor pieces, a stunning gift, an impressive marketing vehicle and as all books, they are timeless documents of beauty.

expand your reach

How would you like to create a market converting non-customers into customers and pull in new attention to your business?  Our regional book distribution will help you expand beyond your previous boundaries.  When you are included in one of our books, you have been carefully selected, this is not an offer extended to just anyone.  Seize the opportunity to separate yourself from the competition, establish yourself among a new market, grow profits, create media opportunities through new and creative ways! 

We are not trying to compete in the overcrowded digital and print magazine markets.  Being published in a book format does not have fixed conversions like traditional print publications, it's as fluid as your imagination.  Our books get straight into the hands of individuals who are interested in the subject of the title, your editorial feature is not getting lost among a myriad of businesses, products and services.  

being published in a beautiful book is newsworthy 

Every book published is backed up with a robust press push.  Our team focuses efforts on regional and local press which results in many media opportunities that some businesses find difficult to achieve.  Our data base of relevant media coupled with our professional distribution through major bookstores and hundreds of online book sellers results in immeasurable exposure to your business, fantastic reviews, newspaper and magazine articles and even television appearances.  


Our titles are professionally distributed by IPG, the second largest book distribution company in the U.S.  Available in major bookstores, boutiques and online.  When you work with us, not only do you get published in a book, you get the benefit of publicity from book reviews, articles and an immeasurable online presence.

Publish your own custom book

Getting published is a beautiful way to document your place in history as a leading professional in your industry.  We do all the work for you with your direction throughout the process, from book concept development to a beautiful finished product.

Once your book is complete we can help you reach your desired audience in a multitude of ways.  More importantly, we can help you develop a distribution strategy tailored to your desired audience and coach you on how to maximize your exposure.  Books are what we do, books are our passion. 


Your work or business splashed on the cover of a hard back book makes a beautiful gift and an impressive marketing tool.

Be on the cover of one of our books. 

If you are included in one of our book titles, you have the option to do your own custom cover.  An impressive gift, marketing piece and extension of your brand.  Custom covers are also a very important part of distribution because they end up in the hands of VIP's.