Signature is a full-service publishing company with 20 years of expertise in high-end book publishing and brand marketing.  We work with leading professionals who want the everlasting impression of a beautiful book to display their portfolio of work, attract media opportunities or elevate their brand. Signature believes that book publishing lies at the heart of brand extension. 

Whether your work is being published in one of our collection titles or in your own custom book, we collaborate with you throughout the entire publishing process.  Our talented writers and graphic designers work one on one with each client to capture your unique story and artfully layout your imagery.  Our books are built to command attention, constructed with the highest quality paper, hand sewn bindings and heavy weight French fold covers.  Our books are décor pieces in a home, a stunning gift, an impressive marketing vehicle and as all books, they are documents of beauty.

Publishing your own custom book is a beautiful way to document your place in history as a leading professional in your industry.  We do all the work for you with your direction throughout the process, from book concept development, creation of outstanding presentation materials, book packaging, brand marketing, strategic planning and project management. 

Once your book is complete we can help you reach your desired audience in a multitude of ways.  More importantly, we can help you develop a distribution strategy tailored to your desired audience and coach you on how to maximize your exposure.  Books are what we do, books are our passion. 

Be on the cover of one of our books.  If you are included in one of our book titles, you have the option to do your own custom cover.  An impressive gift, marketing piece and extension of your brand.  Custom covers are also a very important part of distribution because they end up in the hands of VIP's who you want to see your work.