the most valuable thing i've ever done to grow my business

Because I am always looking for ways to grow personally and in business, I follow a few business big shots for inspiration.  My favorite is a particularly amazing, smart, successful motivational speaker, best selling author and all around bad ass lady boss.  Almost all the inspirational content i get from her includes an offer to sign up for an in depth 8 week business training course that promised to launch any business into the stratosphere, but I just wasn't sure about making the large investment.  I thought that I had all the knowledge I needed to keep on trucking with my publishing company.  After all, I have published many books over the last 20 years, I knew what I was doing, why shake things up?  


This intensive training course is not for sissies, I put my other business things on hold to exclusively focus on this material, 8 hours a day.  And let me tell you, it has taught me so much!  I cannot believe how much I wasn't doing and how drastically different doing business is, in this social media world!  I'm super excited to apply all the things I've learned to every aspect of my business.  I've already begun to add so much value to my company and to my clients, starting with my new website and this blog.  My first assignment in growing my business is to put more effort into what I can GIVE rather what I can GET.  I hope I can help you grow your business by sharing what I've learned in this amazingly informative course.  

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x Jolie