Photo by Danny Piassick

Photo by Danny Piassick

it all started with a dream 

Signature is a Dallas, Texas based publishing company established in 2002 with a book idea that unexpectedly turned into a successful career in publishing (more on that below).  I'm a born and raised Texas girl from New Braunfels, graduate of Texas Tech and a proud member of the Daughters of the Republic of Texas.  My passion is producing inspiring and beautiful books on my favorite subjects: wine, design and travel.  I have published over a dozen of my own original book titles (even a children's book) and have collaborated on countless other book projects.  I'm beyond grateful to get to make a living doing something I absolutely love!  But I have to say, I could not have accomplished any of this alone.  I'm thankful for the sales professionals, writers, graphic designers, photographers and every business featured inside the books who have worked with me over the years to make these books possible.  I've made some lifelong friends along the way, which has been the best part of doing business.

I'm proud of each and every book I've ever worked on.  But right now there's a shining star.  If you like to travel, you will LOVE the newest addition to my book collection, Spectacular Weekend Getaways of Texas..  It's getting rave reviews and is the best selling book in Signature's history!  Click here to get your copy before they sell out!  

THE QUESTION I GET ASKED THE MOST..."How did you get into this"


It's pretty simple.  I wanted to publish a book, so i did what I do.  Hustle.  Back in 2002, I started pitching my idea for a book called Spectacular Homes of Texas.  I trusted the opinions of my colleagues who thought it was a great business model!  So, I pulled together a janky looking mock up and hit the ground running around Texas to every interior designer who would take a meeting with me - this was back in the day when people actually met face to face.  I was on a hunt for professional photography from the best of the best.  A typical day for me was jumping in my car in Dallas and driving to Houston, San Antonio or Austin for jam packed days of presenting my book idea and promising a beautiful book will be published.  Do you know how scary it was to gaurantee a published book to all these very successful professionals when I really had no experience and no distribution lined up!  Thankfully, all went as planned, the book published and I had a gorgeous book full of very pleased interior designers!  This made me very happy, along with a glowing review in the Houston Chronicle and the Dallas Morning News. 

My dream came true!  So I immediately started another book title called Dream Homes of Texas.  So I did the whole routine again, except this time I drove around Texas meeting with architects and builders.  That book published too, except it was much bigger than the first.

Many of the professionals featured in my first two books became friends and clients who were featured in several of my forthcoming design books.  The ultimate compliment is a repeat customer!


Spectacular Homes of Texas and Dream Homes of Texas were such a hit, a national publishing company took the titles and replicated them all over the country, London and Canada!  Turns out my brilliant book idea could fly in almost any major metropolitan area!  


I'm growing my business!  I have so many book ideas on deck, it's just a matter of choosing which one to do next.  I continue to publish these beautiful books because I love the work.  It's soulfully satisfying to help people get the recognition they deserve through the everlasting impression of a book.  To me, books are like songs, they don't go out of style or get thrown away.  Books are forever.  I get a thrill out of seeing the businesses I work with filled with pride to be featured in a beautiful book, something that sets them apart from others, showcasing them as a leader in their field. 


My most recent book, Spectacular Weekend Getaways of Texas was the most heartfelt and purposeful book I've ever published.  My goal was to promote Texans to stay and play in Texas.  I also wanted to highlight the small towns, inn's, hotels, restaurants and attractions that most people don't know about.  My hope is that everyone who picks up this book is motivated to put down their devices, take a Texas road trip, enjoy friends and family and support local.  Because I know better than anyone, when you support a local small business you are supporting a dream.  If it weren't for all the support I've had over the years, none of these books would be possible.  For that, I am forever grateful! 

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