Signature is a Dallas, Texas based publishing company established in 2002 by Brian Carabet and Jolie Carpenter-Berry.  Born and raised in Texas and a proud member of The Daughters of The Republic of Texas, Jolie's passion for all things Texas is evident in her books.  Jolie's original book concepts paved the way for the popular Spectacular Homes and Dream Homes book series, which has been replicated in over twenty markets around the U.S., London and Canada.  Jolie continues to create popular book titles that highlight the style and charm of Texas in the fields of residential interior design, architecture and custom home building, as well as wedding celebrations, wine, travel and restaurant design.  Brian has his creative talents focused on custom books for professionals all over the world, including wedding planners in the Islands and golf course designers in India.

Books are distributed by IPG, Independent Publisher's Group in Chicago.  IPG is the 2nd largest distribution company in the world.  All book titles are available in major bookstores, Amazon, high-end boutiques, gift shops, wineries and furniture showrooms across the state of Texas. 


Signature is a boutique publishing firm, which means we work one-on-one with clients, focusing the team on only one book project at a time, to ensure that each title gets the attention it deserves.  All books are large format coffee table books which feature interesting editorial, the finest photography on the highest quality paper along with a well constructed book finished off with an elegant French-Fold dust jacket  ~ making each book not only a stunning pictorial but a décor piece. 

Our company's mission and commitment is to produce high quality, beautiful books that dazzle and inspire readers while supporting a joyous journey of collaboration with our publishing team and clients.  "We hope to create relationships that last with every person we touch in the process of building each book".  Jolie

We have book launch parties to celebrate each title, including everyone who had a hand in producing the book!  Hope to see you at our next celebration!